Broadband Download Monitor

Broadband Download Monitor 1.3

A free internet traffic monitor that can limit the connection bandwith

If your brother takes all your internet connection bandwith downloading music or your service provider gives you a limited download capacity monthly, Broadband Download Monitor is for you. It can be useful to measure your bandwith usage thought.

Broadband Download Monitor, as his name explains, is a free internet traffic monitor that can limit the connection bandwith for any user the owner wish to, its very similar to what Netlimiter (another product) offers but focused on a different aspect; it limits the total amount of gigabytes used rather than the connection speed,but don´t get me wrong, obviously once your allowed quota is over you won´t be able to browse the internet.

This doesn´t happen without notice, BDM notify you monthly (default config, you can change the timeframe) the bandwith usage and remaining "space" for your quota using a notification globe near the taskbar, you can even run reports of specific dates and user from it.

Broadband Download Monitor supports Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista, it requires Microsoft .Net Framework 2. Latest version fixes some issues with shut-downs and during installation.

Oscar Upegui
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  • Free
  • Tiny download
  • Very useful for parental control and monitoring


  • Requires registration
  • Setup could be long or complex for non experts
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